GM - thanks for taking some time to read my intro. My name is Isai. I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona USA and have been in sales and the mortgage industry for close to 10 years. I recently left my job in sales leadership to pursue learning and my passion for Web3 with business in mind. Previously, I built the worlds largest collection of street artists biographies (and fell in love with community building and brokering deals) before I sold off the business. I am now working on building Web3 Recruiting Agency https://www.linkedin.com/company/web3-recruiting-agency/ with the goal of helping enterprise level companies who are focused on Web3 recruit top talent and hope to be fully up and running within 30-60 days. I have a strong passion for - [ ] Connecting people and ideas. - [ ] Community engagement - [ ] Partnerships and collaborations - [ ] Business development This is my LinkedIn in case you’re interested in following my journey there. https://www.linkedin.com/in/isai-guerrero-50695771 Looking forward to opportunities within this group and how helping contribute in any way possible. Don’t be a stranger. 🙏





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