Hello Everyone! I"m Adrian , a business professional with comprehensive experience spearheading all internal and external operations of a multifaceted enterprise, while utilizing robust management techniques and procedures to achieve corporate goals and objectives. During my initial career, I was recognized by employers for the following: · Recognizing bottlenecks and proposing innovative solutions, while implementing effective techniques to ensure significant cost savings, revenue generations, and profitable growth. · Training and developing individuals to establish high-performing teams; accomplishing set targets and business vision. Throughout my career, I have developed a stellar record of facilitating executive leadership by identifying company’s opportunities and assets to analyze problematic areas along with recommending solutions in a timely manner. My ability to nurture and sustain productive relationships with key stakeholders to achieve short and long-term enterprise goals have been well appreciated over the years. My communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, strategic / analytical thinking, management, and adaptability skills are second to none. I thrive in fast-paced, challenging, and deadline-driven environments. I have worked in both corporate and startup. Having been a business owner I understand the hurdles one faces when it comes to business the hurdles one faces. I’m passionate about people, product and process!


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