I"m a Creative Director, Founder and Brand Designer focused on taking new startups from 0 to 1 helping founders to clarify their vision, tell their story, and build credibility for investors. I"m absolutely in love with supercharging pre and post seed startups with market-ready business narratives, brand strategy and visual identity. I"m always available for freelance projects, so reach out if you want to work with me. I"ve taken multiple startups from A to B in industries like Tech, Web3, Health, Agriculture and more, and built connections across the world. Working closely with Forbes 30 under 30"s, new generation founders and talented people from every walk of life. I"m also someone who relentlessly explores the things that excites me. You can find me travelling the world, building my company, exploring graphic design and passionately training Muay Thai. I"m guided and driven by a philosophy of creativity, collaboration and connecting the right people at the right time to take on truly exciting challenges.




Crypto/BlockchainLegalMarketingNo/Low CodeTechnology

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