Tech co-founder / early-stage CTO (mostly edtech, mostly mid-size projects: 3x from 0 to 1M+ MAU) exploring web3 as a possible solution to some of the issues that we have as a society - IRL and in web2 which I"ve witnessed firsthand from behind the scenes. I love building things. I"ve been a software developer since mid-2000s. Experienced backend dev (Go/Golang one love), software engineering manager (max 10 devs for flat structure imho, as by that team size ICs lack attention they could benefit from), and an early-stage startup CTO (largest was idea to 2M+ regd&MAU). If you need some advice on any of these topics, feel free to reach out :) Currently watching closely the web3 space as there are so many paradigm shifts possible thanks to it. I"m wary of legal and security issues, but lots of these might get figured out soon enough. Not interested in day trading (inc.crypto) and "get rich quick". Interested in web3"s economical side, DAOs and tech that unchains people. If you"re interested in any of that, let"s connect! :)


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