As a versatile and passionate entrepreneur, I have dedicated my career to creating innovative solutions and experiences that drive growth and impact in multiple industries. As I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey as a skilled video animator with a specialization in gaming animation, I knew that I had the passion and creativity to bring unique perspectives to all of my projects. With my skills and expertise, I am able to create a wide range of video productions, from commercials to educational videos. This is how Frizbo Production was born, a company that I am proud to call my own and one that is driven by my love for animation and gaming. My company (Frizbo Production) is a proud partner of a gaming company (3 Degrees Tech) that specializes in the creation of game-based learning products and metaverses, where we help learners of all ages to engage, educate and entertain themselves through the power of interactive technology. Frizbo Production is also a proud partner of a web and app development company (Beyond Web Design), where we leverage our expertise in design, coding and user experience to deliver custom-made solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. In addition to my work in the tech sector, I am also a co-founder of a construction company (Dusty Halls), where we use our skills and knowledge to build structures of the highest quality. Through our work, we strive to enhance the built environment and improve the lives of people. Our passion for construction drives us to create innovative and sustainable structures that stand the test of time. I am humbled by the opportunities that I have been given and the success that I have achieved in my career, and I am committed to continuing to innovate, grow and make a positive impact in the industries that I serve.





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