Step 6: Create Your Legal Entity

Once you have a name, domain, and LLC that you like and is available, you can go to to get your LLC. Please note, I am not an attorney and can not offer legal advice so if you know an attorney or want to form your legal entity with an attorney, please do so.

Having said that, is a fast and easy way to get your company formed and they also have attorney consultation on their site. Conduct your own due dillengence before forming a Business Entity. Forming a company as an LLC is only a recommendation. YOU must determine which corporate structure works best for your business.

Something else you should consider is getting your Company Name and Logo Trademarked. Legalzoom has Tradmark and Copyright services too. I have created my businesses with an Attorney but I have many partners and business assoiciates that have used LegalZoom before with great success.

Click the button below to create your legal entity at LegalZoom!

Create Your Legal Entity

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