Step 7: Build a Website

Many entrepreneurs and business owners get caught up in creating the perfect website before they have any sales. This makes no sense. Get a simple website up ASAP. You can always add to it.

There are several website builders out there and some more complex and sophisticated than others. Wix is one the easiest to use and gets you something to start for cheap. It is basically a drop and drag website builder and very easy to link your domain to the site.
Choosing a website builder depends on your business industry and model. So, if you’re starting a blog, you may want to use WordPress. If you’re starting an E-commerce site then you should use Shopify. If you have a course, product, membership site or just looking for a landing page builder you can use Clickfunnels.

I have 2 simple websites on Wix, 3 on WordPress, 1 on Shopify and all my landing pages are on Clickfunnels. Select your website builder and click one of the buttons below to get started.


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