Step 9: Messaging Scripts and Templates

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Step 9: Message Scripts and Templates


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When you’re using direct messaging, you need to be as personable as possible.

No one likes getting spam messages on Instagram, so when you’re messaging people first, you need to make sure you come off as real as possible.

Outbound Messaging. Now, with outbound messaging you should be constantly testing your response rates and trying new messages to see which ones work the best. Here are a few that have worked for our accounts.

Hey (First Name), I noticed you’re into (entrepreneurship,fitness, music, sports, etc…), me too! I would love to (connect, collaborate,) with you. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hi (First Name), really liked your last post about (topic). I’m in (that industry) too. Let me know if you’re interested to (connect, collaborate, talk)

Inbound Messaging- These are when someone is messaging you first. Usually if they are messaging you because of one of the comments you left, you should have already opened up the door for your call to action.

So just keep it simple unless they ask for more info or a more detailed question. Give them what they want.

Here are a couples examples that have worked well for our accounts.

Hey, (First Name), Thanks for reaching out, just go here- (insert your link) to get/join the (ebook, webinar, community, etc.). Let me know if you need anything. . 

Hey, (First Name). I appreciate the message, here’s the link to download the free guide to (your info product).

When you are reaching out to Influencers

Know their stuff, and thank them for their content, with a specific example.

Make sure you put the actual ask in there! Don’t make it vague, make it clear you want to give a call to action to their audience.

If you don’t have any value to add specifically you can always offer your time or services.

Hey, (just listened to your podcast, read your blog or article, heard about your business), loved your content. Thank you so much for sharing. I wanted to reach out and just connect with you to see if I can help grow your (podcast/blog/business) in any way.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


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