What is a Podcast?

This video will explain what a podcast is and why they are beneficial to create. The video discusses when to use an MP3 and MP4. Additionally, the video touches on whether to download or stream and the types of devices used.

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Video Transcript

“Hello, Hello, Hello my fellow and future podcasters. John Lee Dumas here and I’m excited to share with you today “What is a Podcast.” So, what is a podcast exactly? Well, we’re going to go over the fact that is an audio file, that it is either downloaded or streamed, on any device, on demand.

So, let’s focus first and foremost on the audio file portion of it. So, an MP3 is for audio. That will be what you export your actual podcast in. That is what the audio file is for podcasts. If you are doing a video podcast, you are going to be in the MP4. That is for video. So, if you are going to be doing a video podcast you are going to be exporting in that MP4 format to make sure you are able to have your video played in the major directories.

So, downloaded or streamed? This is really a great topic because back in the day podcast were really only able to be downloaded on to a device just because there wasn’t enough streaming capabilities. But now these days with WiFi and with 4G access you can literally be streaming podcasts from your phone, from your… whatever device you have that you want to be using because of that much larger bandwidth of streaming capabilities. So, yes, you can still download these days if you want to take that up and put it on your device for all-time. But if you don’t want to take up any memory space podcasts allow you this great opportunity to just stream. Meaning you’re just listening, you’re not taking up any memory on any of your devices.

And speaking of devices let’s go through a few. iPod is the old stand-by. Any MP3 device specifically. A smartphone, here is an iPhone. Any android will do. With the smartphone here you have a great app called “the podcast” app. If you are going to be on an android I recommend the “stitcher” app. You can do it on any desktop computer as well; either a Mac or a PC. Just like on a tablet; an iPad or a Surface or whatever tablet you’re going to be using. You can stream or download a podcast. Listening to your show when you want to and where you want to. And that’s where are next point is.

Is that it’s on demand. That is the powerful thing about podcasts. It’s not like radio where you tune in when you tune in to what’s going on. No. You get to choose what you want, when you want it. You press play, you press pause, you press start over whenever you want to. Once you have downloaded that podcast it’s yours for as long as you want to keep it on that device. Or if you are streaming it there is a lot of incredible bookmarking devices as well that will pick it right back up from where you stopped last time.

So, my fellow and future podcasters my hope is that this beginning module is just going to bring you one step closer to preparing for paradise!”

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