Why Podcast?

There are many reasons why you should start a Podcast. Topics in this video include you have a message to share, build your authority and credibility, grow your online audience, and ride the Podcasting wave.

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Video Transcript

“Hello, Hello, Hello my fellow and future podcasters. John Lee Dumas here sharing with you an answer to a question; why podcast? Well, simple put there are quite a few reasons to podcast. I’m going to go through a number of them right now and that focus is going to be on you have a message to share. That’s why you podcast. Build you authority and credibility. Grow your online audience. And ride the Podcasting wave. Now I’m going to go through all these points right now one by one and let’s dive on in.

So, message to share. What are you passionate about? Don’t you want to share that message? Don’t you want to share something that fires you up? That you know fires up other people. Don’t you want to be a voice on something that you’re just really excited and motivated by? 

Think about what skills you have too. You’ve been gaining skills your entire life, since the day you were born and you really over the past number of years been gaining a lot of specialized skills as well. What…which of those skills that you have right now do you want to share with the world? With people that you’re really looking to reach out to and connect with.

And now the inspiration and motivation of others, I mean it’s incredible powerful because of what those people can do once they’re correctly inspired and motivated and with a message you have that is filled with both passion and expertise. You can really have this unbelievable opportunity to have a ripple effect that can change the world. I mean, let’s not underestimate what a Podcast can do here. I mean, let’s not over exaggerate it either. I’m not saying you’re going to cure world hungry by starting a Podcast but you can really and honestly start a ripple effect that can in your own small way or in one small industry or niche, start to have an effect to change the world in a positive way.

So, let’s talk about the authority and credibility part of this. You as a Podcaster now have a platform. You have access to rockstars. Now I’m not talking about heavy metal rockstars. I’m talking about rockstars in your industry. The all-stars in your niche; people that are rocking and rolling in which ever field you’re interested in, that you’re passionate about, that you’re diving into. Now, you have platform, you have a Podcast, you have a growing audience because of that Podcast you now have access to these rockstars to say “Hey come on to my show. I would love to share how you became that rockstar with my audience.” And of course because of that leverage and scaleability you’re going to have much easier access than you would otherwise.

Building a platform; this is a key part of it because you now have that platform. You now have that ability to really go forward and say “Hey, listen I’ve created this show. I have ranking in iTunes new and noteworthy. This is where I’m at in the fitness or the health or the business section right here. These are the amount of listeners that I have. I would love for you to come on and talk to my listeners, to my audience, to this growing platform.”

And perception is reality as well. For your listeners who are hearing you bringing…who are hearing that you’re bringing on these rockstars and they’re listening to these interviews your conducting. They’re hearing these chats one-on-one that you’re having with the top people in the industry. That elevates your perception to be up there with these rockstars because you’re having these conversation, you’re building these relationships. You may not be there yet but you’re moving in that direction because perception is reality. And it just allows you to build amazing relationships. I have now done over 750 interviews with inspiring and successful entrepreneurs and those relationships that I’ve built during those interviews and afterwards is the reason for Entrepreneurs on Fire awesome and incredible success.

And speaking of that; growing an audience is so critical and that’s one thing I’ve been able to do with my audience as I lovingly refer to as Fire Nation. But what is massively impressive is that you are as a Podcast host now able to leverage the massive directories that are out there; iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Soundcloud who are looking to showcase content creators content. So, if you are going to be that person   that is going to release that content the directories like iTune, like Stitcher Radio, like Soundcloud. They are going to want to showcase that because that’s how they draw people in. And it allows you to connect with raving fans because there are people out there in this world right now who have the same passions, who have similar skillsets or desired skillsets that you are going to be talking about on your show and by putting it out there in these massive directories your allowing them the ability to actually find you than you in turn can build an intimate relationship with those listeners, with those fans. And what’s amazing about Podcasts are that they are evergreen and I just love the fact that people email me every single day and say “John I’ve just heard about Entrepreneur on Fire. I’m going back to episode one. I’m going listen to every single one going forward.” And they are evergreen in that manner so, the content  that you are creating it isn’t a blip on a radio or a T.V. commercial. It is evergreen content. Really, Really powerful stuff. It can be there long long into the future. So, just realize that content that you are producing is not just this one flash in the pan. It’s truly evergreen.

Let’s talk about the Podcasting wave. There are over 525 million active iTuners. What does that mean? That means that every single month over 525 million people are subscribing into… a logging into their iTunes account every single month. This is just amazing and crazy and awesome opportunities for Podcast hosts to be leveraging these massive communities. And now that Apple Car Play and Android Auto have announced that they are going into the dashboard of all cars coming off the lot in 2015 and beyond. This is going to be a game changer these are the last barriers that are being broken down when it comes to listening to a Podcast and it is going to expose millions of people to Podcast that never were before. And once your exposed to a medium that is free, on-demand, and targeted why would you ever go back? Podcasting has been growing slowly and steadily over the years. Just in 2014 now it crossed that 30% of people have actually heard of a Podcast and that number is growing and growing and growing and its still small but imagine when it gets to 60%, 70%, 80% of people have heard of a Podcast for the first time ever. Just imagine, that is going to be amazing numbers wise. And then the Smartphone guys. You just can’t underestimate the power of that Smartphone Now that everybody has a portable computer in their pocket literally that Smartphone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are always within arms reach of your voice, of your message and it is only getting easier and easier to consume.

So, this my fellow and future Podcasters is bringing you one step closer to preparing for paradise!”

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