Cheri Regis

Founder at Cheri Regis Works

Just picked up the keys to my new home HQ this morning 🌄🙌😃 I've never felt this excited, alive and proud ever! And I'm so happy at the fact that I set out and completed my goal of moving out and finding a place before going back to school (I go back to campus as a senior in a week from now; after an awful dumpster fire of a spring semester and summer I can't wait to go back and see everyone again and start over fresh again)! I definitely have a lot of plans and ideas 💡 😌 especially for Park! Now the real work (and real fun) begins....just you wait all! #NewHQ #StudentLife #StartupFounderLife #BackToSchoolInStyle #ComingPrepared #DrunkWithAmbition #CheriRegisWorks




Eunice Min

Community Manager

That's awesome to hear! Excited to see what the future awaits for you. 🙌