Marie Roker-Jones

CEO at Curious Culture

The Artest Foundation invites you to an unforgettable event designed to give back, connect, and equip underserved communities from public housing with web3 tools. Join NBA champion Metta World Peace and other esteemed guests while uplifting underserved communities! Here's how you can get involved: Support our Sneaker Design Contest, and help emerging designers unveil their creativity, access new opportunities, and shine in the competitive sneaker industry with their creations being added to the metaverse. Your partnership will breathe life into our vision of empowering young artists and promoting artistic excellence! 🖤✨ Support the '**Black is Beautiful**' Design Competition as House of...






Video Editor

With over five years of video making and editing experience, I work with my skills and fine imagination. I love creating high-end video productions for my clients in a fraction of the time! Specializing in short video ads, promotional videos, marketing videos, stock video ads, and interactive video experiences. I'm thrilled to be working with your brand on a long-term basis! Glad to meet you today.see more..https://www.fiverr.com/s/RGomGL