Cheri Regis

Founder at Cheri Regis Works

I know we're way past #ThrowbackThursday but I just happened to stumble upon this old pic of me in my natural habitat in costume 😍 this pic was taken by my former mentor (who goes by the name of Fran Wagner; love her tons) ❀️ we were at a Renaissance themed festival (2010?) in Holland Patent (one of the towns in upstate New York) promoting Fran's small costume and design shop Razzledazzle Costume Co based in Utica, as well as me selling my own wares on the side. Yeah, I'm no stranger to merchant life, I even dress like oneπŸ€‘πŸ˜† From 2009-2011 I worked as a high school intern for this spectacular and lovable crazy costume designer during my senior year, and I remembered how we went on all...