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😊 Learn to become VULNERABLE 👀 Watch till the end… ✒️ Vulnerability / Authenticity & Honesty are 3 huge strengths that we should all work towards because the world really NEEDS more people who are emotionally intelligent 🧠💫👌🏽 We live in a world where society brainwashed us to believe that being vulnerable means you’re a ‘WEAK’ person when that’s far from the truth. In fact, it’s the complete oppsite actually… Being vulnerable & authentic is a STRENGTH and POWER that humans can sense and feel, in order to connect with like minded souls who have equally ‘done the inner work’ 💫 It also just shows how HUMAN we really are because eventually, as we grow older and wiser, you’ll...



@Vandhana Kumar Happy this helped and added value 💫🙏🏽