Isaac Mashman

Founder at Mashman Ventures

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I always can benefit from this reminder. “Good isn’t good enough” 🤷‍♂ That’s the truth. You aren’t doing everything you can be doing. We don’t need happy go lucky guru culture. ...


Me! I needed to hear it! Thank you! And no, I haven't been unwillingly captivated by the gurus only talent of the gift of gab. I like your big bullshit kickers! I have a very blunt honesty as well and have been a little unsure about if it may hinder me in business and as soon as I read your words and saw that you seem to be doing well I feel much more confident in being perfectly me! Thank you dear! That's a relief! Hey, I saw that your upcoming content will cover the...

Just now seeing this but reach out to me in DM and I will lend an ear