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🎥 CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA? 👀 Watch till the end… WHY do we care about with everyone else thinks about us…? This was the question I had to really dive 7 layers deep into and I recommend y’all go through this exercise yourself to figure out the CORRECT and REAL reason why you care… The process is called ‘7 levels deep exercise’ and you can find it on Dr. Google 💻 For me, after going through that exercise many moons 🌝 ago… I finally had the paradigm shift 🧠 that I required in order to finally STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT ABOUT ME… 😏...



P.S- I’m onboarding 3 NEW 1on1 coaching clients who feel like they require some extra support & guidance on their Business & Mindset journey🙏🏽 If that’s YOU, let me know & reach out :)