David Dodge

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We are getting a divorce... It's not her... it's Tiktok! I have over 1 Million tiktok followers. As much as I love Tiktok, I truly think the golden age it had is over. It has nothing to do with politics or China. It actually has to do with their identity. Tiktok is now a glorified QVC. Every other video is a commercial. Creators who used to create amazing content are now being criticized by their followers for being sellouts, because they focus on selling the tiktok shop junk. These creators lost their identity. Since it's a new program, these videos are getting pushed when regular content gets suppressed. That, and they are now pushing long form content. This in itself isn't a problem....

Ava Fore


Very interesting opinion, thank you. The attempts of total monetization kill platforms, I think. That's the case also with Twitter when Mask decided to take $ for the verification of profiles (or something alike that).

@Ava Fore I appreciate the response. I somewhat agree with what musk did. Shortly after, Facebook did the same thing. People like myself who need that extra boost to stand out are willing to pay that amount. It's the cost of doing business to get extra exposure or credibility. Paying for verification actually provided utility. It proves to people that you are a real and legitimate person. Otherwise, when you try to reach out to somebody, there's...