Isaac Mashman

Founder at Mashman Ventures

Did you know that your personal brand transcends social media? It’s not something that only lives online! πŸ’­ I want to be the person who shifts your perspective on what personal branding is and your first step is reading this article πŸ”Ž https://www.isaacmashman.com/post/personal-branding-why-it-s-larger-than-social-media-and-its-various-misconceptions

Abdul Jibril

Community Manager

Good day sir I am writing you to seek financial assistance for the less privileged kids here in Africa. We intend to use the funds to feed the less privileged kids also known as (Almajari). Please donate to our course for he who feeds the poor will never lack. Please no amount is too small, you can donate as little as $1. Account details Account name: ABDULLAHI JIBRIL Bank: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A....