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# How to Win Back Inactive Users My project has 3,000+ registered users, but I'm struggling with low active usage and conversions. I want to understand why users become inactive and how I can gather their feedback to improve the service. *My question: What are your best email marketing strategies for re-engaging inactive users and getting valuable insights? Things I'm considering: -Segment your users: Separate those who've never been active from those who were initially engaged. Target you're messaging accordingly. ...





Yury Balashov

Technical Co-Founder

Not to undermine the importance of the question you've raised, may I voice a concern? By focusing on churned users who might not need your product at all, by trying to please them and make the product do what they say thay want it to do (which doesn't even mean that they will use it once you implement that), you really risk spreading too thin and losing time, energy and other resources. And end up building everyone for noone. That's probably why others have suggested...

Michael Hamoen

Account Manager

Maybe the Churned users need a new product offer based on how they were previously using your product. Sell them something else. If they bought before, your chance of closing them on something new is higher. Plus the ones that are still engaging may also adopt another product as well. Partner with someone new perhaps. Just make yourself a bit more vertically integrated with products so you can scale them upwards. Like leveling up in the game of life, we always want more...