Coach at CoachSadiq

👉🏽 Movement made FUN & CREATIVE 😎🏃🏽 🧠Mental |🦾Physical |🕊️Spiritual Growth! People have forgotten how it feels like to just let out their BIG KID from within. That inner child we all have within, that’s always blocked and masked up 🎭 by our ‘professionalism’ and ‘seriousness.’ Learn to let go every now and then and just become playful, have fun and spark your creativity! 😗👌 Part of my mission is to not just inspire & help transform my clients’ lives but to make sure we have a lot of FUN along the journey, otherwise, you just become another ‘boss’ or ‘manager’ that only ‘tells’ people what to do, and don’t actually practice what you preach yourself 👀 Don’t be a hypocrite...