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👉🏽 Movement made FUN & CREATIVE 😎🏃🏽 🧠Mental |🦾Physical |🕊️Spiritual Growth! When I started my bodyweight / calisthenics fitness journey over 7yrs ago, I couldn’t even do 2 pull-ups nor could I even do 5 push-ups… 😬 I’m sorry, but as a man, I was very disappointed in my own strength and I had to really buckle up and give myself a pep talk that day, so that I could start focusing on getting my strength gains UP ASAP! 🦾 Fast forwards ⏩ 7 years to today, it’s CRAZY for me to even watch these videos of myself, doing all sorts of fun, creative types of pull ups but also being able to fly like super man 🦸🏻‍♂️ and do triple clap pushups! 👀💪 Let my personal journey be proof, that...