Jarreau Wiles

Consultant at Marketing Millennial LLC

Happy Thirsty Thursday Entrefam! Do you have to resend your 2 factor notification texts? You may have been hacked. It’s possible that reroutes May be happening to a duplicate account where remote viewing is possible. So how should you start mitigating? There are few routes that you can take. For the quick and dirty, I would say clear your browser cookies, reset your email password. And for the more advanced, check your log files. Be careful about the links that you click on. There is antivirus software that can run scans on hyperlinks. #cybersecurity #networksecurity #technology ...


Cyber Security


Oh no! This is happening to me!

Jarreau Wiles


@Miriam Dorsett Definitely check your log files from the command prompt or terminal to get a better idea of system entries. It may not stem from hacking exactly. It can stem from the infrastructure of the software application that you’re trying to access as well. It happens to me every time I log into Facebook…but then again Facebook is known for getting hacked 😂😂.