Keith Tully

CEO at PowerTies Consulting Group

Thank you to all who came to our Talking About session today. @MrTriplet @Salena Billings @Randy Rijkschroeff and even the couple who stopped by to listen briefly @Wolfy_Photos and others. It was a great session. I love when people come in and give me different perspectives on what I envision a topic to be. My point in today's session was to point out that we should use (or lose) the people on our social media feeds because it's not very social or useful if we aren't talking to the people there. But Randy thought we should redefine the way we speak about "friends" online...

By the way, feel free to join our Thursday night Talking About sessions! And our community. Here's the link: https://joinentre.com/community/join/61303179-4da2-8000-05f2-c6a958d4f400