Guess I gotta be the bad guy. When you're in a bucket full of crabs, they don't want you to escape. And when you do, you do it by using others and so forth. But none of the dirt they throw on your name is true. Crazy I gotta be a bad guy in your story while you are just a sad miserable person in mine. Your actions and speech paved the pathway, you basically guided me with your behavior. So thank you. Gotta find myself a better circle of people to support me and we build and grow together. So if being a bad guy means I gotta do that then so be it. I just need people to have my back and I'll have theirs.




Glenn McCutchen


There are those times when we have to be the bad guy to better ourselves. Embrace it and follow the path you chose. Don't ever let others hold you back from the person you want to be.

@Glenn McCutchen Thanks. I needed to hear this. Just being insulted by others just cause I'm trying to improve my life. I'm selfish cause I want to be able to support myself. They want me to rely on them so they can continue to judge and mistreat me. I know I deserve better and I'm gonna get it, just not at the cost of my sanity dealing with people trying to wear me down.