Michael Marra

CEO at Entre

Finally got to meet one of my first investors & mentors in Dubai after 4+ years 🙌🏼 He has millions of followers, built million dollar businesses, & invested millions.. here's the top 3 lessons I've learned from @Simon Squibb over the years 👇 1. Help people. It's simple but important... he actually wants to help people and offer advice/knowledge for free to give people the chance to pursue their dreams. Giving without taking and offering people an opportunity is more important to him than money. He's latest company HelpBnk is making it even easier to do just that. 2. Take advice from people's life you want. Being famous or a busy CEO may sound nice in your head but...


Would have been cool to meet you both there if I was still living there but back in London till the end of the year now … hopefully another time in the near future 😎👊🙏

@Coachsadiq I didn't knew you are in London. We should meet and see if we can help each other.