Danny Quijano

UI/UX Designer at DQ Creative

Want to know how to make your landing page high-converting? Here are 3 CRUCIAL sections to have on your website. 1. Your offer + Call To Action. Your offer needs to be clear and concise. It needs to be the answer to people’s problems. Tell them what they need to do next. 2. Showcase. Show how you or your product works and it’s benefits. Show why it’s the best on the market and how it can be helpful. 3. Trust. Building trust with new clients or customers is important. Displaying reviews, testimonials and videos/images can give confidence to your visitors. ...

Ava Fore


Thank you for your post, Danny. We still don't have a website, but think to make "Our Product" page as the landing. If you feel interest what we'll sell - please, visit my profile here on Entre, especially its "Content" section.👍

Danny Quijano

UI/UX Designer

@Ava Fore nice, I like the direction so far. Have you guys launched yet?