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You can find your Billing information only via desktop currently. You can find this information by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Billing" in the drop-down menu.

Entre currently uses Stripe for all of it's payments, and if you have any questions or issues with Stripe and any of their policies please follow up with Stripe's support team as Entre will not be able to assist you with your issues or concerns and is not able to speak on behalf of another company.

Connecting Your Stripe Account

Simply click the button that says "Connect Stripe" and follow the steps accordingly to connect your Stripe account.

Disconnecting Your Stripe Account

If you are currently paying for Entre Pro, you must "Downgrade to Free" before disconnecting your Stripe account.

Otherwise, you will be able to disconnect your Stripe account by selecting the "Disconnect Stripe" button.

Payment History

Within this tab you will be able to see all of you transactions within Entre from payments for Paid Events, Paid Meetings, Paid Communities, your payments for Pro if you are currently upgraded to Entre Pro, as well as any payments you have received on the platform for Paid Events, Meetings, or Communities.

Subscribe to Pro

If you would like to learn more about Entre Pro and any payments regarding a Pro membership, please visit the Entre Pro page, or learn more about Entre Pro in the Help Center.