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In order to post a Job/Gig on Entre, you must have an Entre Pro membership. This is to make sure the Jobs being posted are of the highest quality and to make sure nobody feels like they are getting scammed.

Learn more about Entre Pro here.

Posting a Job

Follow the steps below to Post a Job

  1. Click the "Create +" button

  2. Select "Job / Gig"

  3. Fill out the fields as accurately as possible

  4. Click "Submit"

Once the Job is submitted it will be posted onto the Jobs Feed in the Marketplace Tab. Jobs are listed in chronological order in the Jobs feed for potential candidates to view.

You can easily share the Job posting with anyone and they will be able to view the job and it's details, but they will need to create an Entre account in order to Apply.

Upon Posting

You can easily edit, update, delete, or manage your Job Posting from the "My Job Posts" Page.

Delete Job Posting(s)

If you would like to delete your Job Posting follow the steps below:

  1. Go to The Marketplace Tab

  2. Navigate to the "My Job Posts" Page

  3. Select "Manage"

  4. Click "End Job" to remove the Job posting

Upon ending the job post, it will be removed from the Jobs Feed and will be permanently deleted.

Edit Job Posting(s)

  1. Go to The Marketplace Tab

  2. Navigate to the "My Job Posts" Page

  3. Select "Manage"

  4. Select Edit

  5. Begin updating your Job Posting accordingly.

  6. Select "Update" to save the changes

Feature Job Posting(s)

This allows you to promote your Job Posting on Entre. This will help your Job Posting receive more views, and receive more applicants.