How To Find A Job In Web3

How To Find A Job In Web3

Okay: it’s finally time.

You’ve researched Web3 extensively, and you’re confident that you want your career to pivot into Web3. What next steps should you take if you’re looking for a Web3 developer job or a marketing role in the metaverse?

One thing is for sure: the demand is still strong. Ganesh Swami, the CEO of Covalent, a blockchain data aggregator, recently told Cointelegraph there’s still an “unresolved backlog of Web3 data roles.” Companies like Disney and JP Morgan have made it known that they plan on investing heavily in Web3.

So what can you do to make sure you get your decentralized dream job?

Join Entre!

What if there was a new Linkedin JUST for Web3 jobs, gigs, and internships? 

Enter Entre: a platform that allows you to create content and earn cryptocurrency while connecting with Web3 creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Entre has a massive Web3 talent pool and an incredible platform for entrepreneurs to build Web3 businesses.

Right now, you can head to the Entre marketplace where established corporations and newer startups are looking for candidates to fill Web3 roles. TrustToken is currently looking for a remote marketing lead, for example, and CloseFactor is hoping to hire a data scientist. Many other organizations are looking to hire Web3 engineers, product managers, executives, and interns.    

If you’re serious about finding a Web3 job, you might want to sign up for Entre as soon as possible. Entre is ideal for finding a job in Web3 because you can not only find Web3 jobs, but you can simultaneously earn crypto and establish yourself as a Web3 influencer.

Entre’s latest feature, Communities, will allow members to build and develop high-quality and safe communities on the platform. While Entre Communities is still in beta, you can sign up for the waitlist here: https://joinentre.com/communities/create

Join Web3 Communities

If you want help, the right community or network can be invaluable. If you’re serious about pursuing Web3 jobs, why not join communities where other people can inform you about potential roles and opportunities? You should be signing up for Web3 newsletters, browsing Web3 job boards, and joining Web3 communities.

While some will be more “scammy” than others, take the time to sift through Web3 communities on platforms like Entre, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. If you show that you already have some crypto knowledge or relevant skills, you may get a job offer from a Web3 community sooner than you think.

Get Active On Social Media

If you’re learning about Web3 and sharing what you’re learning, then there’s a good chance you’ll be able to develop an active social media following that shares your interest in Web3. If you build up your following enough, you may soon find that you get contacted about Web3 roles instead of even reaching out! 

Of course, this isn’t necessarily that easy. It might mean researching and writing Twitter threads that add value or recording Youtube videos recapping crypto news over the past week. If you can actively and concisely share what you’ve learned about Web3 on social media, it will certainly improve your chances of finding a job in the space.


Social media platforms and Web3 job boards are great places to look for new opportunities, but nothing will ever replace face-to-face conversations. Sign up for as many Web3 events, meetups, and conferences as possible. You might find that you’ve built a solid Web3 network in your city over the course of just a few months.

Even if you don’t land a Web3 job immediately, you’ll be able to learn more about what’s out there in terms of Web3 careers, what’s expected, and what companies are hiring. While you can certainly find Web3 jobs remotely, meeting people thinking about Web3 in your immediate surroundings is worthwhile. 

Can You Find A Web3 Job Quickly?

It’s worth noting that there are many different factors to consider before embarking on a Web3 career change. You have to be honest with yourself: what relevant skills do you have that you can transfer from Web2 to Web3? If you have no experience, would you be okay with working in an internship role to build up your resume?

Web3 is actively hiring designers, developers, and content creators. If you have a specific niche skill, it might take a little longer to find a Web3 role that makes sense for your skillset. Of course, the crypto markets also affect how Web3 companies get funded, which affects how and when they hire. 

If you’re capable and patient enough, you may land the Web3 job you’ve always wanted!