Tristan Bliss

CEO at Croelux

It's businesses like this that hurt honest hard working business owners who need investment partners, but get overlooked and crooked business deals like these go down regularly. This is a joke....an insulting joke. "Private jets, yachts and parties: Ontario landlords flaunted lavish lifestyle as business began to crumble Former child actor Robby Clark heads a web of corporations that owe $144M, under bankruptcy protection" Here more of this pathetic story..... "Ultimately if you're going to work with lenders, and we work with a lot of private lenders on acquisitions, they gotta know you know what you're doing," Clark says in the video. But behind the scenes, Clark's business, SID...

Ava Fore


Our loved Canada is really free and bountiful country (at least, in the aspect of Economy) - because even such poor lil-fools as the characters of that article get some Fortune, at least, for some lil time - as short as their thoughts. Probably, they'll be a good food for Sharks: the larger fish eat smaller ones. That's nature. But... What do you think?

LOL.... I agree completely with you. I find it interesting that from the investors side they would walk into situations like this and lose fortunes from people like this. It's as though they fall for the story instead of the actual project. Anybody can spin a story, but not many people can build great businesses. That right there is what you would think they would be investing in, not the story teller.