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Job Seeker

If you are a job seeker on Entre, the Marketplace Tab is going to be your best friend! You can access all of the available Jobs and Gigs in the Marketplace, and you can use the filters to help you find your dream job!

Entre's goal is to provide a smooth and easy process for both the job seeker and the the person hiring. Entre provides a "one-click to apply" process where you can upload your Resume with a message for why you're applying via Direct Message that is sent directly to the person that posted the job.

Upon Applying

A Direct Message between you and the person that posted the job will be opened where the person hiring will be able to continue the conversation via Direct message in your Inbox. If things continue to go well and the person hiring would like to take things to the next step via Private Meeting they can easily setup an Instant Meeting directly within the Inbox.

Managing Application

Within the Marketplace Tab you can Navigate to the "My Applications" Page to view the jobs you have already applied for. On this page, you can also rescind your application if necessary by clicking on the three dots and selecting "remove Application".

Removing an application is suggested if you have already taken a job so you do not mislead hiring managers into thinking you are still interested.

If you come across any job posting that seem inaccurate, or a scam please report the job by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Flag this job post".